Top 10 Benefits of Health Insurance in India

Health insurance initially seems to be like an unnecessary expense. But its importance is not realized until we or someone in our family falls ill and medical bills start touching the roof.

We may end up compromising on the room in the hospital, sharing it with somebody or even in the general ward just to keep our bills down . The frustration of cash flowing out of hands usually boils down on the healthcare staff who are in the front line interacting with us.

People never shy away in spending on an exotic holiday or on good food or on expensive branded clothes, but somehow health always tends to take a backseat in today's fast paced life. Today external appearance has become everything and those candid shots at international exotic locations have somehow become parameters of the quality of life.

In the pursuit of a grand life people usually fail to save for these healthcare and personal emergencies and end up cursing their luck and get depressed with their life later.

Health Ins…

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